Sunday, October 3, 2010

Master class - Betsabee Romero

On September 18th and 19th me  and Liran Weisman (My wife) participated In a Master class held in the 'TropenMuseum' in Amsterdam by Betsabee Romero, a Mexican artist. (more information about the artist:

It was a small Master class, we where about 8 artists \ students in total and guest artist Henk Schiffmacher, A famous tattoo artist from Amsterdam (more information about the artist:

In the Master class we helped Betsabee to build a tattoo car to be presented as a part of Betsabee Romero's exhibition 'Cars and Traces' held in the 'TroopenMuseum' in Amsterdam.

The 20th of September was the final day of the Master class but me and Liran did not participate because we needed to attend a 5 days school excursion to Frankfurt.

1Th Day of the class

Betsabee started with some background on the concept and instruction.

She gave us a tour in the exhibition she is building in the TropenMuseum - 'Cars and Traces'

We started to work on the car in the garden of the museum 

First steps: measuring, cutting the fake skin and gluing it on to the car 

2nd Day of the class

Then Henk Schiffmacher came and some of us started painting and the rest continued working on the skin of the car

YouTube video on the making of the 'Tattoo Car'

for the TropenMuseum page about Betsabee Romero

On the 23rd it was the opening of 'Car and Traces' at the TropenMuseum while me and liran are still in Frankfurt so we needed to go see it separately. Here is how it looks:

A couple of days later Betsabee invited us to an exhibition opening in 'Canvas Gallery' in Amsterdam - 'Tyred'