Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Storage Space Exhibition #7

Storage Space Exhibition #7 ' Heterotopia'

On Friday 27th April 16:00 – 23:00 the seventh edition of the Storage Space Exhibition will take place at the Heesterveld Creative Community in the Bijlmer (Amsterdam Zuidoost).

Heesterveld is located one minute walk from the ‘Bullewijk’ metro station (Metro 54\50 direction ‘Gein’)

Participating artists:

Jeffery Koopman
Neil Fortune
Fenneke Voorsluis
Jeffrey Zylstra
Ask Holman
Silvia Martes
Gaile Pranckunaite
Marius Fra Bodø
Sharif Tanha
Ruben Cabenda
Annemarie Daniël
Anastasia Starostenko
Razia Barsatie

Sound program curated by Sinan Guven.
Curated by Elon Liberman.
Storage Space line of art and media exhibitions focuses mainly on creating group exhibitions in the context of so called ‘problematic’ locations and neighborhoods.

The Storage Space Exhibitions are held in and around the empty storage spaces of one of Heesterveld blocks (1 t/m 87) in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam Zuidoost. The Bijlmer area was renowned in the past for its criminal activities, drugs and violence and the small cement storage spaces were used in the past by drug dealers as places to conduct their business or reside.