Monday, June 18, 2012


Three month ego I started to work on a music installation \ performance called 'MyCage'.

It is a collection of self built musical instruments, modified musical \ non musical toys and machines that all together becomes a sort of modular synthesizer which I am controlling and creating music \ soundscapes.

The first public tryout was performed in the Heesterveld Storage Space Exhibition #7, and later in the Glass Pavilion of the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam as a part of a three day exhibition of the Audio-Visual department of the Rietveld academy which I am studying in.

On Saturday the 16th of June (one day after the Audio-Visual exhibition) I moved the 'Mycage' installation from the Glass pavilion of the Rietveld Academy to the 'Frascati' Theater in the center of Amsterdam for the 'Out of control' show - curated by Hans Muller (part of the annual 'Holland festival') the show was great and all the tickets were sold.
On the 29th of June I will perform with 'MyCage' in the Storage Space Exhibition #8 Terrarium in the Heesterveld art community.
see you all on the 29th... P.S the entrance is free and so are the drinks!

First Tryout

Performance in the Rietveld academy's Glass Pavilion

The Video of the general rehearsal in the glass pavilion

More videos of the performances are coming soon...