Friday, June 4, 2010

Painting Machine

We got a new design teacher in the beginning of the 2nd semster. His name is Vince Vijsma.
|He wanted us to design a tool for ourselves inspired by a '' movie.
( is some kind of youtube for smart people :)

I was really inspired by a lecture by the dutch artist, Theo Jansen, who invents and builds self supporting creatures.
Theo's lecture.

After a lot of brain activity I came up with an idea to make a 'Painting machine'.
Vince really liked the idea and I worked on it for about 6 weeks. Only after I finished I was told by friends that they did not believed the machine will "see the light of day", but it did.

The process

After all the preparation I made a performance in class and made a video out of it.

The Machine in action