Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The other

Rutger, my mentor, had another complicated assignment for us. It's called 'The other'.

Here is the assignment we got

"For this assignment the material is fixed. From ief, the lady in the wood workshop you buy 2 pieces of wood. You'll get two kinds.
Both pieces are approximately 120x120 cm. She knows about the project so mention my name and she'll give you the right stuff.

With this wood you make one or more piece(s) of furniture. You have to use all the wood. So no waste!

This/these piece(s) of furniture will play the main role in a performance you make called: “The Other”

No other materials or objects can be added except for yourself and what you say, sing or whatever you come up with."
Sketches and Plans

Pencil on A4 paper

Pencil on A4 paper

Pencil and oil pastels on A4 paper

Pencil on A4 paper

The Performance