Saturday, June 5, 2010


Rutger asked us to investigate "Non Places" and he defined it as an architecture assignment.
As a starting point, I made about 200 digital images and some drawings and paintings.

Starting Point 

The next step in the assignment was to "choose a specific non-place" and "make a pavilion for the non-place"

The Non-Place

My Pavilion for the Non-Place

3D Landscaping for the "psvilion"

3D Landscaping for the "pavilion" - packed

Drawings and paintings

Ink on A4 paper

Ink on A3 paper

Ink, graphite and oil pastels on A3 paper

Ink, acrylics and oil pastels on A3 paper

Presentation table from the 'Beoordeling' room. prints and a miniature model of the 'packed' version