Thursday, June 17, 2010

All things are delicately interconnected

Erik gave us a list of assignments to select from.
This time I selected 'All things are delicately interconnected'.


color ballpoint pens and color pencils on A4 paper

color ballpoint pens on A4 paper

After these two drawings I moved to a projection of two slides at the same time on to a paper and I started to paint.

The first painting and some close-ups

Acrylics, ink, neon markers, color pencils and water color pencils on paper.
150cm x 120cm.

The second

For the second painting I didnt want the realism aspect so I did not use the projector.

Acrylics, ink and spray paint on paper.
70cm x 50cm.


Joe said...

Some great stuff, and I agree with your teachers - there is a painter in you.