Friday, June 4, 2010

January Project - 'The Reverse Archive Of Time'

Evry Basis jaar in January there is a project called 'January poject' which the whole basis jaar (aprox: 160 students) works on one subject. This year the subject was 'doing time'
This year every class worked independently with its own theme within the subject 'doing time'.
Our class theme was 'The reverse archive of time'.
Because its an archive we needed categories, so we split in to two groups and every group made a category.
Our group was me, Michiel Harbers, Frija Van Dijk ank Shee Francisca. Because its a reverse archive we decided to start from the end and make a 'miscellaneous' category. So we did.

Entrance to the class

Our category: 'miscellaneous'.

Various "Bad" sculptures in the subject of time placed inside 3 big wood transportation pallets connected together, hanged from the ceiling with four orange ropes and wrapped with industrial wrapping plastic.
Approx: 220cm x 120cm x 120cm.
In the back one of the other categories in the archive.

Another angle with another category.

The last category with my mentor Rutger Emmelkamp making final preparations.