Friday, February 4, 2011

Game Over

'Game Over' is a project me and Liran Weisman (my wife) are working on together.

Its a work commissioned by 'Radio 4' a radio station here in Holland.
They named the project '9 ways to eternity' and asked for video loops about death and eternity.
Music was supplied, about 15 long classic music pieces to choose from.

After some time in the editing room we made a trailer for the initial proposal

After two selection rounds and two versions to the 'Game Over' video we were selected among 8 other students from the V.A.V department in the Rietveld academy and our video will be presented at the 'Radio 4' website.

'Game Over' Final version:

“Game Over” is a work about the ambiguity of life and death, using virtual games as a tool, a
mirror for us as a society. Remixing different genres and aesthetics uncovers the paradigms of
the “game over” scene. It is an exploration of the beauty that lies in the uncanny. Through this
journey a perception of life, death and eternity is revealed.

"The power of death signifies that this real world can only have a neutral image of life, that life's
intimacy does not reveal it's dazzling consumption until the moment it gives out."
— Georges Bataille (Theory of Religion)