Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storage Space Exhibition #5

Storage Space Exhibition #5  'Transformation'

On Thursday 23rd of February 14:00 – 23:00 the fifth edition of the Storage Space Exhibition will take place at the Heesterveld Creative Community in the Bijlmer.

In this edition there will be greater emphasis on performance art and installations and on the transformation of the corridors leading to the storage spaces as well as the storage spaces themselves. In addition there is a set up for a screening space with a movie program of related video works and movies.

Free entrance, Free drinks!

Storage Space line of exhibitions focuses mainly on creating group exhibitions in the context of so called ‘problematic’ locations and neighborhoods.

The Storage Space Exhibitions are held in and around the empty storage spaces of one of Heesterveld blocks (1 t/m 87) in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam Zuidoost. The Bijlmer area was renowned in the past for its criminal activities, drugs and violence and the small cement storage spaces were used in the past by drug dealers as places to conduct their business or reside.

Converting the cement storage spaces and corridors into an exhibition space is both a comment on the ‘art world’ conventions for exhibiting an art work in a space and a mix of low culture with high form of culture aiming to inspire the participating artists by confronting them with a non conventional space to exhibit their art.

Curated by Elon Liberman , Co-curated by Neil Fortune.
For more information contact
Heesterveld Creative Community

Housing Corporation Ymere sponsors the Storage Space line of exhibitions.

Heesterveld is located 50 meter from the Bullewijk metro station.