Sunday, May 30, 2010

Subjective library

Our first design teachers were Henk Groenendijk and Matthias Kreutzer.
they asked us to quickly pick a random book from the Design section of the Rietveld library and to write a  post  in the Rietveld Design blog about How and Why  we picked it.

We had to repeat the same action but the subject now should be one of the key-words of the first post.
The 3rd and last step was to take now another key-word from the 2nd post and to pick a book which relates to the two key-words. and write a post on that as well.

First Post

On my way to the library I didn’t really know according to what I am going to pick a book. I was confused. But the minute I stood in front of the library I saw in the corner of my eye a small, old and weird looking book that looks a bit hand made with metal binding and a distinct old brownish color. It was just lying there, alongside the brand new and fancy art books.
When I reached for the book I noticed that it’s even in worse shape then what I imagined, I looked at the book cover and I saw it’s a book about design and research. Then I flipped a few pages and discovered that some pages are a bit torn and with many pockets and inner plastic pages with plans of some sort.
I lent the book and started thinking – Why did I pick this book? Was it there for a reason?
I have never seen anything like it before. I am fascinated by my new discovery. Maybe we really should judge a book by its cover?
Rietveld Academie Library No: -struny- 3,- 9756

Second Post

I entered the library with a goal to find a unique book, and I did.
But what is unique ? Isn’t it pretentious ?
A funny thing happened, I picked a unique book about one of the least unique subjects that I know. Shoe obsession, which is really almost every average woman’s obsession.
The book is a miniature with more than 500 pages of text and images with at least one image of some kind of shoe per page.
Pretty unique.
But what is unique ?
I came to a conclusion that :
Unique Is Not So Unique.

12178 / 908.3 o’kee 1

Last Post

Unique obsession is my current and last goal.
This time it’s all about miniature textile. don’t ask me why.  It’s just a random what I put my hands on kind of thing.

I am flipping the pages of this miniature and unique book and I am amazed !
hundreds of miniature works of art that looks like collages, assemblage, sculptures, paintings, napkins and other abstractions.
than I go back to the title of the book and ask myself textile? miniature?  where are all the textiles? apart from two conseptual napkins I didn’t see any.
Confused and full of inspiration I go home, I flip through the pages of the book and I find myself impressed.
but is this a coincidence or am I drawn to miniatures ?
And why am I asking it now after more than a decade of working with miniature trees and other vegetables?

1649, 779.0 cat 4

The posts were poblished to the Ritveld Design blog
Here is a link to my key-word.

Image of my post in the Rietveld Design blog