Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make a Tool

We needed to 'Make a Tool' and my idea was to make big version of a Bolt. because a big bolt makes me (or the viewer) wonder about its use. But after consolation with 'Bastiaan Medik' I realized that a big version of a bolt is not enough. I needed to introduce to that bolt an extra logic so I did.

Initial sketch and model


After the first version and another consolation with 'Bastiaan Medik' I added extra rails with black Griz and Sand Papered the 6 outer panels.

Finished result

The finish result presented in the 'January Project' and later at the end exam (Beoordeiling)
materials: carton, acrylic paint, spray paint, aluminum rails, plastic shampoo bottles, wood glue, Griz 
h: 60cm w: 60cm d: 35cm